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Printing the Calendar of Events

1. Place your cursor in front of the column that says "Date" on the left hand side.

2. Highlight all of the words on that page by holding down the left key on your mouse and dragging the mouse to the bottom of the page.

3. Leave the words highlighted and hit the <ctrl> and the <c> keys at the same time.

4. Open any word processing program of your choice, such as Microsoft Word.

5. When the program opens, click on the blank document that opens as default and hit the <ctrl> and the <v> keys at the same time.

6. All of the information you lighlighted will now display in your Word document.

7. There will be extra information that will be of no use to you - you may simply delete that and leave the information that is relevant to you.

8. Print as you normally do through that word program.

9. You will need to perform the same steps for any calendar data that displays on another page.


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