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Remembering the days of Del Saint and the Devils

real name Delano Bernard Sinchak, was born in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1935. A first generation American of Slovakian descent, he was two years old when the family moved to Youngstown, Ohio where his father worked in a steel mill.

The youngest of six children, Sinchak was surrounded by polka music and first formed a polka band when he was twelve years old. They played at weddings and parties and eventually cut three polka records (as Del Sinchak) for the Balkan label in Chicago, home to a large polka audience, mostly Polish, but with Slovak, German, Czech, and Tex-Mex varieties.

Sinchak's band, which switched to rock 'n' roll after hearing Rock Around the Clock, consisted of Ed Ryczaj (saxophone), Sandy Jackintell (guitar), George Karas (bass) and Bob Smercansky (drums). Sinchak sang and played piano. They soon hooked up with the Edsels' promoter and producer, Jim Maderitz, and backed the black vocal group on Rama Lama Ding Dong recorded at Cleveland's two-track Snyder studio in the autumn of 1957. Sinchak taps the cowbell on  Rama Lama Ding Dong which was issued on Dub in 1958 and followed the so-similar Marcels up the charts on the Twin label in 1961.

Jim Maderitz, a local representative for RCA Victor, also produced Rock Yea with the same musicians (note "Sandy...yeah" before the discursive jangle on guitar), and leased the master to Checker in 1958. Few blew harder than Ed Ryczaj or filled as crisply as Bob Smercansky. Shame then that this all-too-brief clab of jukebox heaven ("Wurlitzer one for the money") should constitute one of only two rock 'n' roll singles by Del Saint and the Devils. The other was Tarzan c/w St. Louis Blues on Whirl in 1960. They were, nevertheless, the number one band in Youngstown for several years and accompanied Chuck Berry and Conway Twitty as well as the Edsels.

Sinchak wore a turban non stage but George Karas had the sort of complex, wavy hairdo which cried out for the insertion of a chocolate flake ("he was a handsome guy with amazing hair. No one was allowed to touch it!"). Bob Smercansky still plays drums with Sinchak but Ryczaj moved to Florida in 1990 and Jackintell died in 1998. "I felt he was one of the finest guitar players around. He could have been much more successful if he'd had opportunities in a bigger city."

Since the early 80s Sinchak has worked as marketing director for Gary Rhany's Peppermint studio in Youngstown. But like erstwhile rocker Eddie Bell aka Eddie Blazonczyk (who, incidentally, Chess turned down), Sinchak has hung up his Rock 'n' roll shoes and reverted to his polka heritage, becoming one of the kingpins of the polka business. The Del Sinchak Band has recorded several polka albums for the Peppermint label, earning a Grammy nomination in 1999.

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